5 Ways Traditional Education Meets Technological Innovation

How schools can adopt technology to improve the student learning experience

Where tradition meets innovation

How we learn is changing rapidly. Traditional academic institutions hold a valuable place in society and culture, having set the foundation for education. Their age-old methods of teaching and learning have established a baseline for success, but educational needs have changed. In our digitally-focused world, technological innovation is defining a new, more student-centric approach to learning.

As we experience change, we look for opportunities to combine traditional with new, innovative methods in order to create a modern experience. This is how ODEM approaches continued learning today, embracing the old and new simultaneously for the best of both worlds.

The internet has been incredible for modern education, forever changing how, when, and where students learn. Web-based learning was just the starting point, providing a foundation for adaptation and change. Today, we know the value of remote connection and flexibility for both students and educators. Tomorrow, the undeniable value of new and developing technologies that are already changing and improving how we learn will be confirmed. 

Here are five ways that tradition meets innovation in education:

Tech-focused partnerships between schools and startups 

Partnerships can improve the educational experience and better serve digitally-focused students. Startups have the ability to focus time and energy on innovative new technologies. This is an incredible resource for schools who wish to explore ways to modernize their educational offerings, but can’t make the commitment themselves. 

Recently, ODEM partnered with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) to bring blockchain-verified credentials to graduates through the ODEM Platform. Our Platform provided them with a much more effective and efficient way to share and validate their degrees and diplomas with prospective employers.

Labor market partnerships  

Better than anyone else, participants in the labor market know what’s needed from graduates. This includes prospective employers, corporations adopting new technologies, and organizations who track the changes in labor demands. A partnership to better understand the needs of employers can help to develop a better next generation workforce. 

While institutions know what students need to develop critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical decision making, the labor market knows what students need to get hired and build a successful career. A partnership with a company seeking new hires could inform what kind of courses would best equip students for such positions and help guide successful course creation.

Customized curriculum

The one-size-fits-all educational model has proven to be ineffective for many students, particularly those who wish to seek out more modern career opportunities. The ability to choose, course by course, what works for students and their desired career path can be significant in helping create successful outcomes. 

Students should have the option to choose an education plan that’s unique to them and suits their individual needs. Working with course creation platforms can provide schools with the ability to implement a program that adapts learning to the needs of students.

Ownership of education records

Considering the work, dedication, and cost that it takes to earn a degree, diploma, or certificate, students should have far better control over their educational records. Blockchain technology makes this possible by providing a verified and immutable record that can’t be altered or discredited. It also provides verification of credentials that validates global educational experiences which may otherwise be questioned. Blockchain technology also allows students to quickly and easily share trustworthy digital records without having to engage a registrar’s office. 

Education marketplace

Engaging an education marketplace for course creation and selection puts the focus on what students need and allows them control over what they study. It can directly connect students and educators, allowing them to communicate and determine what a successful course outline would look like. The marketplace environment fosters an entrepreneurial spirit, giving students ownership over the course content. Such an arrangement is likely to result in high engagement and learning success because students are able to make their own career-driven education choices. Learn more about ODEM’s Platform, an education marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Education improves when academic institutions embrace new ways of learning and focus on the needs of students. Embracing change and technology helps put students at the forefront, supporting them in a successful journey of education and career. 

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