ODEM and Training Education Records

At On-Demand Education Marketplace, helping individuals keep track of a lifetime of learning is a critical part of our mission to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable and verifiable. Among the most important service offerings on our blockchain-based ODEM Platform are Training Education Records (TERs), which are digital certificates to help employees curate a personal and secure roster of their on-the-job training credentials.

TERs provide verified proof that individuals have received training in specific subject areas such as new software tools or changes to a company’s products or services. TERs are similar to ODEM’s Education Skill Badges, except that they’re issued by employers rather than educational institutions. I like to think of TERs as building blocks in one’s professional repertoire and immutable proof of ongoing commitment to lifelong learning.

ODEM’s TERs automatically create a record on the blockchain for employers to manage information about the courses their staff have taken. This is important when specific employee training is required by regulators such as the U.S. Occupational and Safety and Health Administration. The federal agency enforces safety standards for companies in construction, manufacturing and industries where workers may be exposed to dangerous environments.

TERs can also help corporate managers assess the qualifications of external contractors to ensure they have specific skills or require security clearances to access sensitive corporate information. ODEM provides companies with the means to manage intellectual property assets by monitoring which employees or contractors have access to proprietary information.

Training and Education Records are among a range of practical ODEM Platform use cases.

I look forward to sharing more about the Platform as we move toward a full rollout in February 2019.

Rich Maaghul,

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