6 Ways to Create Effective and Engaging eLearning Courses


Are you thinking about creating your own fantastic eLearning courses? Here are 6 of the most important elements in eLearning to consider:

The importance of attention span

One of the most important aspects of effective eLearning is the attention span of the learner.

When creating courses, always bear in mind that the learner will lose interest or focus if the learning time is too long (typically more than 20 minutes), or if there is a lack of engaging tactics such as gamification or branching scenarios.


Make the learning content short, sharp and memorable!

A little more about Gamification

It’s an unwelcome fact that most learners are not as intrinsically motivated as we would like them to be. What gamification can do is add a little nudge in that direction. Elements like goal-setting, leaderboards, collaboration to solve problems or reward mechanisms would all increase engagement levels in the course.


Think about increasing the levels of healthy competition among your learners using gamified course elements - engagement levels and completion rates will increase exponentially! 

Storytelling in eLearning

Many would argue storytelling is the most important method of communication, especially in the learning process. Humans have evolved and grown as a species through storytelling, so it’s something that’s hardwired into our systems as the most effective way of learning vital information. Wrap a narrative around your dry learning material and the content becomes engaging and vastly more meaningful.


Tap into your learners’ natural desire to learn by listening to a story. The options for creative narratives are endless and the results are well worth the effort!

Dynamic and fast-paced eLearning

The importance of the learner’s attention span, as addressed earlier, has an impact on other style-elements of effective eLearning courses. In this context, interactive, dynamic courses, or those that are blended with off-line teaching elements are far more likely to have a positive impact on the learner. Likewise, courses that are fast-paced and get straight to the point, are far more effective, as learners’ attention spans are constantly being challenged by other online distractions.


Mix it up with offline elements and keep to the point to keep the learner on-side!   

Multimedia & Rich Media in eLearning

The theme of increased engagement is something that forms a foundation for any effective eLearning course. The use of Multimedia, such as good quality audio and voiceover, or Rich Media elements such as bespoke animation sequences or gamified elements all increase the wow factor of the learning experience and therefore the chances of the courses aims being met.


Mix it up and engage a variety of the learners’ senses with a range of Rich Media elements!

Animation in eLearning

Use of animated characters or other elements can be a really effective way of simplifying a complex topic or bringing to life dry subject materials. Animation can also be used for all types of learners and not just those within the younger demographic. Its effectiveness lies in its high engagement levels. Detailed animation sequences can be designed on a bespoke basis to suit an audience type. They help to reduce distraction, enhance interest in the subject and, with the use of character animation, assist in creating a bond with the learners that helps them to stay the course right to the end.


Consider using animation for all audience types to boost engagement!   

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