Crypto Wallets for your ODEM Tokens

An updated selection of ODEM Token wallets

Your selection of ODEM Token wallets has increased! We’ve recently added a few more wallets that support ODE including Atomic Wallet, Lumi Wallet, MetaMask and many more.

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Blockchain in Education: The Future of Records Management

Blockchain technology provides a universally secure and accessible ledger for personal data and credentials

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent years, you’ve heard the term blockchain spreading like wildfire. The use cases for blockchain outside of cryptocurrency range from the revolutionary to the…

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The Vision for ODEM

We launched ODEM with the vision to transform the education system with a new approach to continued learning. Today, that vision is in progress as we implement new ways for students to learn, work and grow on a global scale. 

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The Main Exchanges Where You Can Trade ODE

Information for new and existing ODEM and cryptocurrency users

I’m pleased to share the many cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy and trade the ODEM Token (ODE). A cryptocurrency exchange is very similar to a traditional stock exchange, but instead of trading stocks, digital crypto assets are traded, like…

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