ODEM and Peacetones

At On-Demand Education Marketplace, we believe in the power of technology and innovation to make the world a better place. Our sponsorship of PeaceTones, a nonprofit record label for performing artists in the developing world, is an extension of that belief.

PeaceTones is working with remarkable local musicians from Haiti to Bangladesh and Timor-Leste to promote social justice by amplifying the voices of refugees and other less-fortunate populations. An example is The World United in Song, a project led by David Levy, a New York-based human rights lawyer and jazz musician.

Levy is in the final stages of launching an album of 11 songs and videos written and performed by members of various population groups. The performers include members of Myanmar’s persecuted Rohingya people who have taken refuge in camps in Bangladesh, and Mely Fernandez, a rapper, musician and former child soldier who fought in East Timor’s war of independence against Indonesia.

“Every song has a story, a narrative of what they’ve been through,” says Levy, who has been traveling the globe intensively to record musicians in their communities. “With each song there’s a whole backstory.”

In addition to raising awareness about vulnerable communities through music, PeaceTones is dedicated to helping musicians generate sustainable income from online music sales.

ODEM’s involvement stems from our work to use blockchain technology to help the displaced and other migrants restore their identities, which is a major step in assisting in their economic recovery.

In the coming months, I look forward to sharing other PeaceTones stories with you.

Rich Maaghul,