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Paradigm Shift: The Intersection of Education and Employment

The Challenge:

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What Challenges Lurk Below the Pandemic’s Hold on Education

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Who Ultimately Owns Your Education and Career Achievements?

For the years that you have sacrificed developing skills, going to school and building workforce experience, I ask who ultimately owns these achievements? Is it the schools that you paid to attend where you earned these credentials? Is it the employers to whom you gave your limited time and energy to help them…

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November Company Update


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LinkedIn Live with ODEM’s CEO, Rich Maaghul

Rich shares the value of a mission-driven business, how ODEM creates inclusion within education and how good people are what really matter in business

(Edited for conciseness)

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How to Write a Successful Course Description

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Supporting Student Success with Decentralized Education

Four ways that decentralized education puts the needs of students first 

Our focus on decentralized education is based on a desire to see students better served. By employing decentralizing technology, we streamline the educational offering, bringing students and educators together to specifically tailor education…

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It’s 2019, And You Should Be in Control of Your Education

ODEM empowers students and educators with blockchain technology

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October Company Update


Welcome to the ODEM company update! October was an ambitious and successful month for ODEM. 

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Become a Cryptocurrency Investigator

ODEM Partners with Blockchain Intelligence Group to Provide Cryptocurrency Investigator Course

Cryptocurrency has created an exciting and transformative new way to transact across the globe. It has ushered in a new era of payments, allowing people to conduct transactions directly, without involving a traditional…

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