The Best Reasons to Participate in the ODEM Crowdsale

As CEO of On-Demand Education Marketplace, I get a charge out of helping people understand what sets ODEM apart from the hundreds, maybe thousands, of blockchain and digital currency projects from which investors can choose.

A hint: It’s not my rugged good looks.

The biggest differentiator for ODEM, in contrast to other crowdsales, is Excelorators Inc., our Cambridge, Massachusetts-based partner. It’s a fact. While we remain committed to the cause of deploying blockchain technology to improve student access to higher quality education, we wouldn’t be here without Excelorators.

Unlike many other blockchain endeavors, ours is built on the secure foundation of an existing, thriving business. Too many cryptocurrency developments seem to consist of little more than an ill-defined idea and hastily written whitepaper.

In contrast, Excelorators has more than five years experience organizing complex academic programs at top U.S. universities and corporate campuses for thousands of discerning international executives and foreign students.

Along the way, Excelorators has compiled a core list of more than 200 active professors, adjunct professors, lecturers and another 600 on-call educators for special subjects. I expect many of them will be early adopters of the ODEM platform.

The upshot is that ODEM is no run-of-the-mill blockchain project. By combining the power of blockchain technology with Excelorators’ existing business, we’re souping up a rocket that was already bound for the moon, albeit at a slower pace.

This is what makes ODEM a great opportunity for crowdsale participants.

On top of Excelorators’ market credibility, we’re taking careful steps to ensure that we don’t jeopardize the reputation we’ve built for ODEM.IO. Our dedicated team has invested much time and effort into rolling out Know Your Customer registration for the crowdsale.

It’s part of being vigilant about complying with international fundraising guidelines to prevent money laundering and to make sure that funds come from legitimate sources. We’re building an exciting project. We want to attract supporters who understand and care about our vision of making higher-quality education more accessible and affordable.

Join us on this journey. We’ve got the experience, the team, and the roadmap to execute an exciting and industry-changing platform.



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