Blockchain Technology Puts Trust in Online Learning

Authenticating connections and verifying credentials with the Ethereum blockchain

Blockchain Technology Puts Trust in Online Learning

With its decentralized network architecture, blockchain technology instills trust and transparency. Leveraging this for education, it’s a remarkable advancement for an industry characterized by institutional rules and intermediaries. It means that learning can be taken online without concern for bad actors or falsified credentials, supported by a network of participants enforcing credibility. This is significant because it allows students and educators in different geographical locations to develop an authentic and credible relationship, connecting across a blockchain-based system. 

We’re passionate about giving people autonomy and control over their success when the existing education system can’t always be counted on. Blockchain technology provides a clear pathway for doing this.

Here are three ways that blockchain technology puts trust in online learning: 

Authenticated educators 

Until now, assurance that educators have the right training and credentials to be teaching has been challenging to provide. Educators’ LinkedIn profiles detailing their credentials are hard to validate, and some don’t even have this. In the past, having an institution behind one’s name was enough to establish credibility. But today, students are seeking more flexible, digitally-focused ways of learning, and so digital trust is required. 

This is where blockchain technology comes into play. On the ODEM Platform, all educators are fully verified for their professional qualifications. This means that their education credentials and history have been authenticated and validated on the Ethereum blockchain. Further, ODEM has also verified educators for a history of excellence in providing previous students with a strong educational experience.

Verified education credentials

Education credentials earned online are valuable pieces of one’s education history and must be trusted internationally across industries. Using ODEM’s Platform, your credentials can be verified and validated and made easily transferable by securing them on-chain. ODEM functions as a layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain, making the benefits of the technology accessible via a user-friendly interface. 

With verified education credentials you don’t have to worry about hunting down transcripts or validating continuing education certificates. You can instantly access your blockchain-based academic transcripts and evidence of achievement, saving time and fees. This means you control and own your academic records in one place forever, no matter where life and learning take you.

Transparent system

Blockchain, based on distributed ledger technology, provides public privacy. All network transactions, including all forms of communication, are hashed to maintain privacy and stored on the ledger. These records are visible in real-time and accessible to the network for full transparency. This creates an ability to audit the network, ensuring that peers can be held accountable and disputes and easily settled. Transparency of this sort is critical to establishing digital trust because it removes the risk of malicious behavior and bad actors.

ODEM takes transparency a step further, giving insight into qualifications that employers actively seek so that the needs of system participants are fully understood. This gives students a better chance at success, with opportunities to be matched with potential employers that fit their profile and career goals. ODEM extends this even further by identifying gaps in expertise that would make for a more attractive CV for their next employer. 

Education is truly our passion and we want to support students in benefiting from an intelligent navigator that will help steer their career. ODEM gives students a complete end-to-end picture of where they stand and where they’re going so that they can trust in their education credentials and experience.

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