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We are closing in on the official launch of the ODEM Platform for educators and students

Sep 26th - Richs_post

Building the first-of-its-kind on-demand education and employment marketplace is rewarding and challenging at the same time. At ODEM, we work hard to keep the promise of directly connecting students, educators, educational organizations and employers to meet the demands of a rapidly changing employment landscape. Many of you in the ODEM community are eager to know what the ODEM team has been up to. There are some exciting news and developments we would like to share as the end of the third quarter is approaching.


We are closing in on the official launch of the ODEM Platform for educators and students.  Our dedicated engineers, product and marketing teams are working around the clock making sure the platform is super easy and intuitive so all educators can quickly register, add their program curricula, classroom criteria, payment details and announce to the world of learners that class is in session. Learners can easily register on the ODEM platform and create a profile that includes a skill and occupation assessment that will match them with tailored education and employment opportunities based on their neighborhood or around the world. Learners and professionals will be able to have skills, academic credentials and employment verified on the ODEM platform and share this verification with employers and institutes of higher learning.


We are also very excited about our fiat token economic payment system that will be fully integrated into our Marketplace where all participants can pay and be paid through a fiat payment system. In the background, ODEM token transactions will mirror the live fiat activity through ODEM smart contracts and be visible on ( as well as through transactions on live exchanges.


We are very excited about this innovative approach that will both protect participants in the Marketplace from token volatility and allow ODEM to fully test the utility use of ODEM-T to meet regulatory requirements. We look forward to the day when utility tokens, like ODEM-T, reach full regulatory acceptance where participants can use the ODEM token to purchase programs and digital verification. 


We understand that our community is anxious for our official launch and eventual use of the token and has been waiting patiently for this event and we thank you for your support. We know this is very important for the success of our company and the ODEM token. We are taking extra precautions to make sure the Marketplace is both safe and easy to use and can withstand the stress of a global scale as we are expecting a high volume of transactions as the network effect goes into full force.


Please stay tuned over the next ten days as we will deliver these features to you as rigorously as possible as they become available. We stay committed to making education and employment affordable, accessible, verifiable and transferable for all of our participants around the world.


I will continue to share updates personally about the upcoming launch with details on specific features as they become available. We look forward to a great future here at ODEM.


Thank you,

Richard Maaghul



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    CEO Update

    We are closing in on the official launch of the ODEM Platform for educators and students ...

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