Edtech: Engaging, On-Demand Learning for Digital Generations

Education technology makes learning easier, faster, and more accessible


Education technology provides students and educators with new and more engaging ways to learn and teach. Shortened to ‘edtech,’ the application of new and emerging technologies to education has become its own and very significant category. As with everything else, academia must evolve to suit the modern needs of people. Technologies including artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrency, augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and more lend themselves to the continued development of education. 

The rise of edtech

Life today is very different from even ten or fifteen years ago. With the rise of the internet and personal computers, today’s students look for experiences that are increasingly digitally-focused, personalized, and globally accessible. We’re more mobile than ever, with our phones and computers providing a seamless connection for communication with people around the world. With that freedom and flexibility comes a specific desire for experiences that are individually suited; the internet has opened up the world and made it possible to customize experiences to our liking. Restaurant, grocery, retail, delivery, and transportation have all been disrupted by our need for fast, on-demand service. Education is a natural category for technological disruption because it’s so critical to our lives; we should make it as easy and efficient as possible for people to learn and improve their careers and lives.

How edtech will impact higher education

By making learning more engaging, edtech helps to deliver the right education to the right students. It empowers the delivery of education, creating more meaningful connections between students and data because it opens up new ways for students to receive material. With technology, learning is made much more flexible and customized, digitally aided by video and simulation, accessible from virtually anywhere, and better aligned for student-course fit.

Edtech improves the roles of teachers, course creators, academic institutions, ministries, and countries whose job it is to ensure that students and citizens are well educated for the greater benefit of society. Not only is it now easier to educate people, but it has become easier to prepare people correctly for prosperous jobs. 

ODEM, the on-demand education marketplace

At ODEM, we’re working to support higher learning with blockchain. We’re focused on these technologies because they all have a proven ability to help students on their education journey. Together, blockchain, AI, and ML offer the unique abilities to help determine what students will benefit from learning and then validating those learnings with verified digital records.

Our implementation of edtech brings students closer to educators and ultimately, closer to the career they wish to pursue. The on-demand education marketplace puts students in the driver’s seat, allowing them to control their higher learning and ensuring that each course they take is documented and validated on the blockchain. The world is experiencing an education revolution, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of it!

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