Supporting Student Success with Decentralized Education

Map Pins Student Success Decentralized eductionFour ways that decentralized education puts the needs of students first 

Our focus on decentralized education is based on a desire to see students better served. By employing decentralizing technology, we streamline the educational offering, bringing students and educators together to specifically tailor education for the needs of tomorrow. The Ethereum blockchain underpins our education marketplace where students and educators meet, facilitating an autonomous approach to higher learning. 

Here are four ways that we support student success with decentralized education: 

Direct connections

Decentralized education eliminates third parties and middlemen from the education process, bringing students and educators together directly. This autonomy means that the beneficiary, the student, has the ability to make their own decisions with control their future career. Being able to guide their own course of learning, students are given greater accountability. This is an important part of a decentralized education system because it results in personal ownership over one’s trajectory. Here, the student is in control of their educational path, course selection, and their work. With this control often comes better results because the student feels more invested in the outcome.

Further, this personal ‘authority’ over one’s path is legitimized by the public source of truth: the Ethereum blockchain. Educational credentials can be claimed on the blockchain for easily authenticated, verified and transferred records.

Educational efficiency

The removal of intermediaries, particularly bureaucratic intermediaries, can make any system more efficient. By removing intermediaries, there are less friction points and information can travel more directly and faster. No more trying to get through to administrative departments to gain access to records, speak to a professor, or make course changes.

Decentralized education systems, like the ODEM Marketplace, streamline the administrative process so that students purchase courses directly, gain access to their educator, and own their education records once a course is completed.

Incentivized teaching

Decentralized education creates an incentivization structure that works to the benefit of the student. Specifically, educators are incentivized to provide a course that resonates with market demand. If the course does not do this, it won’t sell. As such, the decentralized education system that connects educators and students directly is economically incentivized to put the needs of students first.

Educators are also invested in students’ educational outcome, wanting to ensure they’ve created and instructed a course that resonates with students’ employment needs. Like with any product, it will be in-demand with positive reviews and feedback.

Honest reviews

With some educational organizations today, students are forced to choose a school based on marketing messages and promises of future job opportunities by simply weighing the costs or organization’s name rather than the quality of instruction or real outcomes. By removing the institutional middleman, we bring greater transparency to the learning process. This includes feedback about the course and the instructor.

Students are encouraged to produce honest reviews about their experience with the course and whether it was successful in helping them obtain employment. The ODEM Marketplace treats education like a valuable product that needs to serve student requirements. Education is certainly more than a product, but approaching it in this way allows us, and educators, to tailor courses to the specific needs of the labor market.

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