How Will an Education Marketplace Help My Career?

Find the courses, educators and employer connections for your next career move

Sep 24th - How Will an Education Marketplace Help My Career

An education marketplace is something I’ve wanted to launch since I first discovered blockchain technology. As a team, we already understood the gaps in the existing education system and saw that blockchain could be a great solution to help fill some of those gaps. One of the problems that we identified was the lack of customization that students faced with traditional educational organizations. Education marketplaces can solve this, giving students, educators and employers a new way to create the programs that work for them.


By design, marketplaces provide choice. They present endless options and allow you to determine what you like and what you want to commit to. The internet has spawned marketplaces for anything and everything, why not education, one of the most critical aspects of life? Education provides the foundation for success, and this is where people should be granted the greatest selection and opportunities for personalization. 


Here’s how an education marketplace can help your career: 


Focus on courses that will support your career goals 

Course selection is a powerful tool that lets you define your studies and curriculum. You may be curious about a technology, while also wanting to increase your knowledge in another area to move yourself up the ladder in your current position. Expanding your areas of expertise can open new doors for you, internally at your company, externally at meetups and conferences or in an online community, like Twitter or LinkedIn.


The range of course topics that an online learning platform provides allows you to choose courses that interest and inspire you, and will help guide you towards a fulfilling career. Specialized studies can also increase the speed of your trajectory by giving you a niche that not many other workers can fill. This is one of the key benefits of an education marketplace; you’re able to set yourself apart with your customized skill set. 


Find the right partners for your future

The right teacher can make a difference that lasts a lifetime. We’ve all experienced educators that we didn’t click with, and likely the material didn’t resonate as well as it could have from that course. An educator isn’t just someone handing information over, they’re a partner on your road to career success and should be evaluated and respected as such. An education marketplace gives you choice, not just about what to learn, but who to learn from. Find the right educators for you; people who you will enjoy learning from and whose teaching style will inspire. 


A benefit specific to an education marketplace is the ability to connect with potential employers. The ODEM Marketplace works with employers to develop course material based on what industries require today and tomorrow. By providing courses that are connected to companies looking to hire, students are given access to potential employers who are actively seeking workers with their skill set.


Choose courses that are good value

Education today is very expensive. So costly that people can find themselves indebted for much of their lives because of their diploma or degree, or are prohibited from studying at a post-secondary institution at all. We’re shaking up this archaic and burdensome method of learning with a customizable approach that serves all socioeconomic backgrounds.


The education marketplace creates a new paradigm; education on your terms. Having the choices provided by an education marketplace can help you afford the education you want and need, on a course-by-course basis.


Find courses that will make you an expert

With a selection of online education courses at your fingertips, expertise is not far away. Finding a niche and digging deep into it can seem like an arduous task, especially if you’ve already accepted employment. An education marketplace provides the resources needed to develop rich expertise at your own pace. Additionally, you’re able to develop that expertise as you see fit, determining how nuanced you want your studies to be with complementary courses, or doing a deep dive into the subject matter.

Many companies today are looking for employees with expertise in a narrow discipline, like virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). Complementing existing broader education with technical courses will set you apart for greater opportunities, financially and developmentally. 


Take courses at your own pace 

The ability to customize your education opens up higher learning to a much broader audience than traditional educational organizations. This is one of the major benefits of an online course platform; you can prioritize what works for your schedule and choose courses when they work for you professionally and on your time frame.


While being able to select courses individually serves your schedule, it can also serve your career ambitions as they change. Perhaps you’re not sure about a certain discipline, but you think you might have a knack for it and want to give it a try. The ideal scenario is to be able to choose one course that will give you a good knowledge base in that discipline before committing your resources to it. Further, perhaps your ambitions will change in a year. The flexibility of an education marketplace allows you to match those ambitions with courses, making you a highly qualified and interesting candidate for future employment opportunities. 


Learn more at ODEM, and connect with our team on social media: Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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