New Frontiers and New Use Cases

ODEM and Market Volatility








Dear ODEM Supporters,

You may be aware that August 2018 has not been kind to investors in Ether and other digital currencies. I want to assure you that the current selloff has not diminished my confidence in On-Demand Education Marketplace or the future of the ODEM Token (ODE). Although ODE has not been immune from the volatility, the token remains well above our initial coin offering at a time when a number of other tokens have traded below their ICO price.

We’ve made great strides in a short time toward building the ODEM Platform and achieving our mission of making education accessible, affordable and verifiable. We believe the current price of ODE represents a significant opportunity for longer-term contributors to share in the growth that we fully expect to achieve.

If you have any questions, I welcome your direct messages on Telegram.


Rich Maaghul,

Use Cases

Independent Credential Verification (ICV)

On-Demand Education Marketplace is developing a comprehensive list of use-case animations for its ODEM Platform and the ODEM Token digital currency. The ICV use case is the third in a series of videos that illustrate the ODEM approach to making education more accessible, affordable and verifiable.

Watch the Use Case video.


Token Update

ODE Trades on RightBTC

The ODEM Token (ODE) was listed for trading on the Dubai-based RightBTC digital currency exchange on Aug. 14, says Bill Bayrd, ODEM's Chief Token Officer. It will also be listed on Tulipex, one of RightBTC's partner exchanges in the coming months.

Although RightBTC is based in the Persian Gulf, the exchange is popular with cryptocurrency enthusiasts in China seeking to increase their exposure to a global selection of quality token projects, Bill says. ODE's listing is part of a wider strategy to boost investor awareness of ODEM in Asia and other major markets.


IBO highlights ODEM Technology at Singapore blockchain conference

Kristina Yasuda, Director of Digital Identity of the Internet Bar Organization, an ODEM Partner, spoke at the Blockchain in Government conference last weekend in Singapore. Kristina highlighted a number of ODEM use cases, including Identity Through Education and the Education Activity Repository. The conference attracted senior government officials from countries across Asia.

ODEM is working closely with the Houston based IBO to use blockchain technology to help members of displaced populations to create digital records of their academic and professional qualifications.

Conferences & Meetups

ODEM is organizing three public informational meetups in Switzerland at the end of August to help increase awareness about our project and its blockchain-based education solutions. Hosted by Ethan Staus, ODEM’s Event Manager, the gatherings also aim to present a balanced view of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies with a focus on debunking myths and misconceptions about this emerging industry.

On the blockchain conference circuit, Rich Maaghul, ODEM’s CEO, and other ODEM executives plan to attend several major industry gatherings in Asia and Europe in the coming months. Rich is a scheduled speaker at the SWITCH! Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Conferences and meetups already on the ODEM calendar include:

ODEM Meetup at Validity Labs

ODEM Meetup at Impact Hub

ODEM Meetup at Trust Square


2018 Date Summit

Malta Blockchain Congress


ODEM is Hiring

Solutions Engineer for Token Integration, Location: Nashville, TN

We are seeking a Solutions Engineer for Token Integration to build relationships with ODEM Exchange partners, wallet provider services, and managing existing relationships. They will also file and update ODEM Exchange and wallet integration applications as well as negotiate exchange listing terms, conditions, and agreements.

For additional details about this role, click here.

Administrative Assistant, Location: Nashville, TN

The Administrative Assistant will coordinate executive communications, including taking calls, responding to emails and interfacing with clients. They will also prepare internal and external corporate documents for team members and industry partners, in addition to scheduling meetings and appointments and managing travel itineraries.

For additional details about the role, click here.

Community Manager, Location: China, Japan, and Korea

The Community Manager will develop the global Community Management strategy and work with the Community team to execute content across all social platforms. They will also craft compelling positioning and generate narratives across different channels (Twitter, Facebook,, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, etc.) and match the message to the mediums.

For additional details about the role, click here.

Graphic Design Intern: San Francisco

ODEM is looking for a Graphic Design Intern that has proven skills in graphic design, typography, and web-specific work. Your talent will help elevate the ODEM brand in all digital and printed marketing materials.

Our ideal intern has a passion for communicating technology and brand with design. A natural inclination for clean and precise design that has depth and richness is preferred. They will be in touch with the latest web trends. Candidates will be able to design within our established system while helping ODEM to push and expand it.

For additional details about the role, click here.

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