November Company Update


ODEM Company Update

Welcome to the ODEM company update and happy holidays!  

Last month the team achieved many milestones, committing to a world with better access to education. We won the Disruptor Daily award for education in blockchain, furthered the development of our educator-focused learning management system, brought valuable new partnerships to the education marketplace and announced our exciting partnership with Bitfinex. 

2019 has been a pivotal time for the team as we experienced growth and built global awareness, and I’m so proud of all we have accomplished. 

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

ODEM CEO, Rich Maaghul

Here’s what we focused on in November:

Announcing our partnership with Bitfinex

We announced our strategic partnership with Bitfinex, introducing a new model of education that focuses on cryptocurrency use to fuel the blockchain-enabled economy. The partnership also introduces ODEM’s innovative token transaction simulation model functioning through Bitfinex’s premier liquidity platform. 

“Our partnership with ODEM is a natural extension of our role as the premier trading platform worldwide,” said Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino. 

“By educating more individuals on the uses and value of cryptocurrency and the vital role it plays in powering the blockchain economy, we are encouraging greater understanding and adoption of digital currencies. We’re confident that through continued, dynamic and relevant education provided by expert educators on ODEM’s platform, Bitfinex users will receive an advanced service offering.”

Read the press release, and read the post Bitfinex shared on their blog. The partnership was mentioned in Hedgeweek,, Coinnounce and Cryptonews.

New features released:


Within the ODEM platform, we have designed a new, standardized way to capture skill-related concepts into a unified data structure or efficient comparison. Skillprint, like a fingerprint signature of skill concepts, can match people with courses, match people with jobs, or match courses with people’s desired skills with regards to career development. Skillprint is active in program publishing and in the ODEM career planner, in the student profile where existing and desired skill sets are captured.

Zoom LTI Pro

Zoom LTI Pro is a zoom integration for Moodle, ODEM’s learning management system (LMS) for educators. With the integration, an educator with Moodle credentials can arrange to have live meetings or coursework and record sessions for students to replay. An educator could conduct a distance learning course with Moodle and Zoom LTI Pro as a lecture series.

New partnerships 

ODEM’s business development team has been working towards strategic partnerships that expand our educational and training offerings. In addition to the new partnerships, the team is finalizing exciting contracts that will provide quality training courses in a variety of subjects, as well as strategic partnerships with recognized leaders in data protection, data privacy and data science. These areas are of high priority to many of ODEM’s employer partners who seek skilled workers who understand how to implement data security strategies and processes.


Duomly is a Czech Republic-based e-learning company that teaches computer programming to people of all skill sets, from beginners to advanced programmers. They will be offering their online courses on the ODEM education marketplace.

Cointelligence Academy 

A cryptocurrency education company, Cointelligence Academy offers services, education and information on topics related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Academy will be offering courses to students and professionals of varying technical levels through ODEM’s Education Marketplace.  

Excelorators and University of Lethbridge, AB 

ODEM has partnered with Excelorators and the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, to add diplomas and certificates to the Ethereum blockchain via the ODEM platform. Blockchain-based education credentials give students the advantage of easily globally authenticated, verified and transferable records.

Marketing News

ODEM Wins Disruptor Daily Award

ODEM is the Disruptor Daily award winner for the Blockchain in Education Use Case. Disruptor Daily featured CEO Rich Maaghul in an interview discussing how ODEM is using blockchain technology to transform the education business and how that innovation will impact continued learning.

ODEM Featured for Implementation of ESCO 

ESCO, the European classification of Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations, recently featured ODEM in their coverage from the Decentralized 2019 conference in Athens, Greece. From the ESCO news item: “ODEM links ESCO’s skills and occupation data with learning outcomes of courses hosted in its platform and to relevant employment opportunities for students. It also directs students to appropriate courses, in order to enrich their profiles and increase their chances of being recruited by employers registered in ODEM.” 

LinkedIn Live

In mid-November, we hosted a LinkedIn Live session with CEO of Chart Learning Solutions, Peter Horwing, about learning in the age of disruption. Chart Learning is an ODEM partner, providing valuable courses on the ODEM Education Marketplace for career advancement in company leadership, sales and customer service (read more about the courses here). We also recently featured Peter’s ideas about how technology has affected how we work, learn and develop our skills. Watch the LinkedIn Live and read the blog post.

Amsterdam On-Site 

Early in the month, our team based in Europe met in Amsterdam to discuss partnerships, development of the platform and upcoming announcements. As an internationally remote team, we don’t get to see each other very often. When we do, it’s great to catch up and get to know our team members personally.

ODEM On Site Amsterdam

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to sharing our next update. Connect with us on Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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