October Company Update


Welcome to the ODEM company update! October was an ambitious and successful month for ODEM. 

In this month’s update, we highlight the work of our team and the changes we’ve made to the Marketplace for our growing user base, which includes more than 15,000 students. We released new Marketplace features for an improved user experience, announced exciting new partnerships and brought on inspiring new educators. Our marketing team launched an education giveaway and hosted LinkedIn Lives with our executive team. We also have updates regarding the ODEM Token and the development of the full token simulation model. Finally, I’m thrilled to share that we added over 200 courses in October, with the Marketplace now supporting over 300 unique courses for users from 146 countries.

As always, it’s amazing to see the team push us forward, and I want to thank you, our community of students, educators and employers, for your ongoing support.


Here’s what we focused on in October: 


New features released:

New UX/UI for Education Marketplace

Integrating all user feedback, the ODEM website and marketplace feature new UX/UI, creating a better and more intuitive user experience. The team has also developed better content management capabilities. 


We heard your feedback; our registration form was too long. Now, the form is minimized, only requesting your name, email, password and role in the Marketplace. The remaining fields can be filled out within your Marketplace profile after registration.

Educator Portal

Educators can now create and teach their own programs, adding students to programs and managing content within the Moodle LMS. Educators can also offer students staked enrollment and link to ODEM’s Learning Management System to create curriculum for online, in-person, blended and self-paced courses. Finally, educators have an open venue to reach students across the world with the format and price point that works for them.

Students Portal

The student portal allows students to register and enroll for a course, pay for a course and receive a certificate on the blockchain. They can take courses, request blockchain-based certificates and share their certificates with others. With the completion of their course, students will automatically be placed in the job network for future employment. 

Educational Entities Portal

The educational entities portal, organizations can view student certificates and create their own certificate templates. They can add students and educators to the Marketplace and add students to programs. 

Learning Management System (LMS)

ODEM’s LMS makes teaching much easier. Students who register for your program on ODEM will also be registered to use the Moodle LMS Dashboard to view your teaching material. Once your program is complete, you can close or archive the Moodle session to route your students back to ODEM to receive their certificates.


Transactions are now stored on the Ethereum blockchain! We do this by mirroring fiat (cash) payment transactions on the public Ethereum network using the ODEM token. So, when you pay using your credit card (and get paid), we will run a mirror transaction using ODEM tokens. We’ve also enabled ‘program staking’ which allows students to hold a spot for a desired program by making a deposit. ODEM will be receiving and making payments using our ODEM Token on behalf of all users who transact with fiat currency through Stripe.

Find our release notes published here.


New Partnerships:

We recently announced several new exciting partnerships with Blockchain Intelligence Group, Chart Learning and the Internet Bar Organization. We’re also very pleased to introduce new educators, Steve Jarding and Abhishek Bhattacharya, to the Marketplace. 

Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG)

BIG provides an in-depth and specialized Cryptocurrency Investigator course for finance, law enforcement and regulatory professionals who seek to bring innovation, security and accountability to their organizations. Learn more about these courses.

Chart Learning Solutions

In business, soft skills are often what will secure your way to your next promotion or career opportunity. ODEM has partnered with Chart Learning Solutions, a global learning company that provides dedicated courses for improving skills needed for effective leadership, sales and customer service. Learn more about their courses.

Internet Bar Institute (IBO)  

As a bar organization for the Internet, IBO connects, educates and defines professional standards for activists, lawyers, technologists, advocates, students and entrepreneurs. IBO will use ODEM for blockchain-based certificate issuance in December 2019, with courses available in Q1 of 2020.

Meet the educators:

Mr. Jarding is a renowned educator, lecturer, writer, media trainer, and political consultant who recently retired from the faculty at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He continues to lecture and provide media training and political campaign management training in the US and around the world. His clients have included presidents, prime ministers, members of Parliament and Congress, mayors and governors. Take a course with Mr. Jarding. 

Mr. Bhattacharya is a two-time entrepreneur and author. He has been an active advisor for blockchain-based startups including eSports.com and the Blockchain Advisory Council. He’s an experienced educator, having taught workshops at various universities and advised on the Certified Blockchain Professional (CBP) Course given by IIB-Council. Take a course with Mr. Bhattacharya.


Marketing Updates:

This past month our marketing team has been focused on bringing you exciting new opportunities with ODEM: 

Education giveaway

We launched our “Dream big with ODEM!” campaign. For the month of November, we’re sponsoring three people to learn the latest in-demand skills for free! Winners may choose any course on the ODEM platform to take, valued up to US $100. ​Enter the giveaway

LinkedIn Live

Last week I joined the marketing team to connect with our LinkedIn community for a LinkedIn Live. We did an open session, inviting participants to ask any question they wanted, and shared the story of how ODEM began. This was an exciting since the LinkedIn Live was still in Beta, but we were lucky to gain access to the Beta, and it was great to connect with our audience. Watch now

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.29.41 AM

Johanna, ODEM’s COO, was joined by Angeliki Dedopoulou, Policy adviser in DG Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion at European Commission, to discuss the importance of the European Commission’s ESCO skills framework. Watch it here.


Global events & team travel: 

Decentralized Athens

Johanna and I attended the Decentralized Athens conference, where I joined Liz Murphy, Chairman & CEO of CampusWorks, in a keynote presentation. Titled, “Empowering the World of Work Through Decentralized Credentialing,” we discussed how we can advance the adoption of blockchain technology to meet the growing skills gap and effectively prepare learners for ever-changing job markets. It was great to connect with so many educators and educational organizations who are all looking for meaningful ways to innovate their teaching. I look forward to the partnerships that will follow. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 9.19.16 AM

Visiting Lebanon

I visited several universities in Lebanon who’re interested in innovative ways of marketing themselves and digitizing student certificates. ODEM’s technology supports claiming academic certificates on the Ethereum blockchain, an important functionality for students today who travel, change careers and work remotely.

Adoption in the EU

ESCO, European skills/competencies, qualifications and occupations, serves as a European framework for understanding skills and competencies for employment across the continent. The system describes, organizes and matches occupations and skills demanded by employers in the European Union. 

ODEM has integrated this system to support students in understanding their skillsets and how they want to upskill to secure their desired employment. In the coming weeks we’ll share more on this, demonstrating how ODEM is expanding its use of ESCO to match students with education and applicants with jobs.


ODEM Token

ODEM is the first company to create a full token simulation model of its fiat transactions using its utility token, ODEM Token (ODE). Users will benefit from being able to see and receive rewards for transactions that happen using fiat payments. This also allows ODEM to test all of its smart contracts and create a volatility-free system for token transactions. 

To do this, ODEM is partnering with Keyrock S.A., a liquidity provider based in Brussels, Belgium, to create an automated simulation system that will run real transactions on a secondary exchange. All fiat transactions will be mirrored by actual transactions through this exchange. More details on this will be coming soon.

We’re hoping this provides further clarity around the use of the ODEM Token for all users in our community. With the Keyrock integration, the ODEM Token can be used for payments, verification, staking, certification and most importantly, how users and educators will benefit from the trust network. We believe this will create added value for all participants in the Marketplace.

View ODE on Coinmarketcap, and check out a recent post with all of the exchanges where ODE is available for trading.


Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to our next update. Until then, connect with us on Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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