ODEM Activation on the Mainnet: What’s the Big Deal?

ODEM, creator of the On-Demand Education Marketplace, achieved a major technical milestone last week by activating the ODEM Platform’s decentralized application (DApp) on the Ethereum Blockchain, or mainnet.

ODEM’s Chief Technology Mentor, activated the DApp before a live audience at the #SWITCH!Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. Immediately following the achievement, he generated a blockchain-based educational certificate for Antanas Guoga, the Lithuanian representative to the European Parliament. Creation of the certificate was a first for the ODEM Platform.

Beyond the spectacle, activation of the DApp on the mainnet is a critical step in the development of any digital token project because it significantly reduces technical risk associated with a venture. It’s important for supporters and investors to know that just a small percentage of digital currency projects have achieved mainnet activation. Thanks to the work of our technical team, the ODEM Platform, our flagship education-market portal, is on track for a full rollout in early 2019.

"Activation is a powerful endorsement of our project’s technical viability,”

Without going into too much detail, mainnet activation is a final step in testing interaction between the InterPlanetary Filing System (IPFS) and the Ethereum Blockchain, pillars of the ODEM Platform. Our deployment of smart contracts that manage relations between parties on the Platform follows the recent completion of several other milestones. They include:

  • Third-party testing and auditing of the DApp.
  • ODEM Cloud integration with mainnet smart contracts.
  • Quality assurance for viewing of educational certificates.

For the uninitiated, successful independent auditing and testing of smart contracts provides evidence of the viability and security of the ODEM Platform. Integration testing of the Cloud with the mainnet smart contracts is critical to ensuring system security. Authentication of educational certificates for viewing outside of the platform establishes the successful interaction of the IPFS and the Ethereum Blockchain.

We appreciate your support in our mission to make education more accessible, affordable, portable and verifiable regardless of a student’s economic status or geographic location.

Stay tuned for more technical updates.

Rich Maaghul,

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