ODEM and Blockchain Certificates

ODEM Blockchain Certificates

ODEM, the world’s first On-Demand Education Marketplace, is committed to delivering a core promise of blockchain technology with digitally verified education certificates.

Developing secure and portable records of a student’s academic history is in line with our mission to make higher education more accessible and affordable. By using blockchain technology, the encryption software that underpins digital currencies such as Ethereum, we’re shifting control of academic records of achievement from educational institutions into the hands of students.

“Blockchain technology will accelerate the end of a paper-based system for certificates,” the European Union’s Joint Research Centre said last year in a report on blockchain’s potential to change the education industry. “Many kinds of certificates issued by educational organisations, in particular qualifications and records of achievement, can be permanently and reliably secured using blockchain technology.”

Blockchain technology allows students to cryptographically store their academic records and control who can view them. ODEM Credits (ODEM-C), our proprietary brand of blockchain certificate, act as a digital passport of a student’s academic history.

ODEM-C will contain records of a student’s achievements in programs on the ODEM Platform as well as academic records from traditional colleges and universities. ODEM will also confirm the veracity of non-platform credentials through various proprietary systems of verification. ODEM-C will be especially useful for students who plan to study abroad or are emigrating and require proof of academic achievement in their country of origin.

In addition to helping students to own their education, records based on the blockchain will assist employers seeking to authenticate a prospective employee’s scholastic record. Rather than contacting multiple colleges or universities, an employer can rely on a student’s verified history on the blockchain.

When our platform is fully developed, ODEM will become the world’s premier provider of high-caliber education at an affordable price.

ODEM’s Chief Technology Mentor, Adel ElMissery will be presenting a first look into the platform’s capabilities in a special event hosted by ODEM. The event will be at ODEM’s offices in San Francisco on June 27. For more details, click here.

Stay tuned for more ODEM developments

Rich Maaghul