ODEM EDUCATOR HIGHLIGHT: Abhishek Bhattacharya

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Abhishek has always been at a juncture of Tech and Product Management.

Abhishek co-founded a media company, TeenGazette Media Pvt. Ltd., in his 3rd year of college. It raised a modest amount of funding from the same investors who had invested in Jugnoo, the auto ride provider that later raised funding from Paytm, Kunal Behl, amongst others. There, he handled a content team of 40, apart from general Tech, HR and Outreach.

His entry into the field of Blockchain was about 7 years ago when he got to know about Blockchain, Bitcoin and other implementations of the technology. Later he joined Karachain, India’s First Smart Contract enabled Blockchain, as a Product Manager, where he led a team of 10 people.

His next stint was at eSports.com, where he covered strategies, outreach and negotiations. He has brilliant recommendations from the CEO and everyone on the team and was attributed as the Indian Machine.

He is a Department Editor at ACM: XRDS, and is a part of the ACM US Technology Policy Council of which Vinton G. Cerf - a Father of the Internet - is a part. He has authored a book on Information Technology. His next books are on Automata & Computer Science Theory and Blockchain.

He was recently invited to the Blockchain Advisory Board of IIB Council, a company that presents across 145 nations, where he advised the Certified Blockchain Professional course. At Insino Ventures, he made sure that products and processes are well-defined, meaningful and feel like natural extensions to the users. He also makes sure that every piece of external communication and content is structured to be well received by the outside world.

Abhishek has 2 courses on ODEM:

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

This is an introductory course on Blockchain, which LinkedIn says is the #1 hard skill that companies need.

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Getting Industry Ready with Blockchain

This course sets you on a path to explore how Blockchain is revolutionizing several different industries - all at once - and, the skills required to test your mettle there.

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