ODEM Gets Blended Learning

At On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM) we’re always open to exploring innovative ways to make higher education more effective. One pathway to improving students’ engagement and knowledge retention is through blended learning, a marriage of in-person teaching with online digital media.

ODEM Blended Learning

In the past I’ve highlighted the limits of pure online education. That being said, I’m excited about the potential to improve learning outcomes of programs on the ODEM Platform, our blockchain-based education portal. We’re looking forward to skillfully combining in-person instruction with exceptional online content.

ODEM is overwhelmingly bullish on the value of in-person-training over solely online alternatives. That’s partly because of the successes we have seen through our close relationship with Excelorators Inc., a leader in the organization and delivery of live training on top U.S. university campuses.

Research has shown that online training isn’t always a good fit. Students are less likely to complete online courses compared to in-person offerings. Online teaching has other weaknesses: this includes a lack of individual attention which has shown to harm students who stand to benefit the most from face-to-face instruction and tutoring.

Online teaching’s shortcomings can be mitigated by judiciously weaving digital technology with live-teaching environments. Among the benefits of blended learning vs digital are:

  • Greater student/educator collaboration
  • Lower costs to the student
  • Potential for increased student satisfaction
  • Heightened student accountability
  • More opportunities for customized teaching

Within the realm of blended learning, we’re very excited at ODEM about the concept of the “flipped classroom,” a blended-learn model we plan to evaluate for executive training and mentorship. The “flipped classroom” is an approach to learning in which students receive instructional training online, outside the classroom, and in-person collaboration with educators and other students in the classroom.

I look forward to telling you more in the future about how ODEM is making higher education more accessible, affordable, portable and verifiable.

Stay tuned for more technical updates.

Rich Maaghul,

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