ODEM in Pakistan: Land of Opportunity

ODEM in Pakistan: The Land of Opportunity

ODEM executives led by CEO Richard Maaghul are in Pakistan this week to explore opportunities to assist in the education of the country’s growing population. Pakistan is not only the world’s fifth-most-populous country with more than 200 million people, but almost two-thirds of its citizens are younger than thirty years of age.

During a previous visit to Pakistan in 2018, ODEM leaders detected a strong interest among educators to build relationships with western education organizations, and in particular, to learn more about the intersection of blockchain technology and education. Educators were keen to find out more about how blockchain works, its significance in education, and how they could increase training of blockchain-related skills in Pakistan.

During this visit, ODEM will be introducing universities in Pakistan to its blockchain-based Educational Activity Repository (EAR) as a means to increase the ability of students in Pakistan to transfer their university and college credits, degrees, or certificates to universities and colleges outside of the country.

ODEM executives also hope to establish preliminary agreements to store educational records on the company’s blockchain-based ODEM Platform. Schools are interested in making connections with potential employers and have been impressed with the concept of linking students and educators through the Platform.

EAR will improve students’ ability to obtain employment and education because their records on the blockchain will be immediately available, verified, and credible. Once an education record is placed on the blockchain by an issuing education institution, the record can’t be changed or duplicated.

As in many nations, a major challenge faced by Pakistan is overcoming the country’s limited resources for education amid its rapidly expanding population. Still, expectations are high that ODEM will soon confirm partnerships with major learning institutions to support lifelong education and employment. Pakistan is home to many incredible students eager to benefit from increased exposure to employers around the world.

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