ODEM Reveals Education Platform at #SWITCH! Conference

ODEM Reveals Education Platform at #SWITCH! Conference

We’re excited at ODEM to be officially launching the ODEM Platform, becoming among the first Ethereum applications to transact business on the blockchain. With fewer than 10 percent of ICO’s activating on the Ethereum mainnet, we’re delighted to reach this milestone.

After more than a year of development, we’re pulling the covers off our global education marketplace this week. We’re psyched to be delivering on our promise to use blockchain technology for high-quality decentralized education.

We’re also honored to launch our Platform at the #SWITCH! Educators Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania on Thursday, Feb. 28.

ODEM chose #SWITCH! for the opportunity to introduce our education marketplace to thousands of dedicated and energetic educators. We want them to be among the first to share in the Platform’s many benefits.

The Platform:

  • Inspires students to become lifelong learners and create sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Empowers educators using the education marketplace to become more impactful.
  • Allows employers to more effectively and efficiently fill trending employment needs.
  • Enables universities to better serve their students through blockchain technology.

ODEM is already unleashing the power of blockchain in education, through:

  • Issuing blockchain-based academic certificates to students at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.
  • Integrating the European-wide ESCO skills and occupation framework to match job seekers with employment opportunities.
  • Activation of its live, global education marketplace.

Educators and students are discovering that the ODEM Platform powerfully streamlines the organization and delivery of in-person and video-linked blended education and certification.

More than ever, we’re committed to our mission of using blockchain technology to make education more accessible, affordable, transferable, and verifiable.

Join the ODEM Revolution.

Rich Maaghul,