ODEM Unveils Global Education Marketplace

ODEM Launches Education Marketplace

ODEM Announces Early Access Launch of its Decentralized Education and Employment Marketplace.

VILNIUS, Lithuania, and ZUG, Switzerland - Feb. 28, 2019 - ODEM announces today its first public access to the ODEM Platform, its blockchain-based education and employment marketplace.

ODEM is offering early onboarding for students and educators with functionality to create and offer educational programs on the Platform. The education portal uses blockchain technology to streamline the organization and delivery of education programs and award blockchain-based digital certificates upon completion.

“We’re very excited to show the world how ODEM is making education and employment more accessible, affordable, transferable, and verifiable,” CEO Richard Maaghul said today. “To begin with, students will be able to ‘stake’ and enroll in trending education programs initially using a credit or debit card.”

In this first early release, ODEM is showcasing a unique feature of blockchain and smart contracts called “staking.” This model of staking allows ODEM educators to test demand for specific educational programs by staking a percentage of the overall program’s value to reserve network space and offer the program to students leveraging blockchain-based smart contracts.

In turn, students stake a small deposit on the Platform to commit to a program. Once minimum viable participation is reached, the program is made live and final payments are requested from students to run a program through to completion and issue student certificates through ODEM on the Ethereum blockchain and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

For student registration on the Platform, click here. To register as an educator, click here.

ODEM’s technology is built on a combination of proprietary cloud-based and blockchain technologies. The company is excited to see its ERC-20 Ethereum token adopted as one of the first Ethereum applications to conduct business on the blockchain.

During initial early access, participants can make and receive payments by using a credit or debit card through Stripe, our fiat based payment gateway. We will not yet be offering remittance directly via the ODEM Token (ODEM-T). We will, however, be using this phase of development to stake ODEM-T privately on behalf of participants to process commitments, program and certification fees through the ODEM smart contracts and jointly through our payment gateway via credit or debit cards. ODEM will 1) rigorously test end-to-end its utility token, ODEM-T, as fuel for ODEM’s smart contracts on the Ethereum Mainnet and 2) ensure all contracts perform correctly, are secure, and can handle transaction volumes.

ODEM is committed to ensuring all participants experience a safe, secure, and efficient token remittance process upon completion of successful testing and the meeting of all requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

ODEM officially launched its version of the ODEM Platform today at the #SWITCH! Educators Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania, pledging to use blockchain technology to transform education and employment. ODEM CEO Maaghul and Chief Technology Officer unveiled the blockchain-based marketplace before thousands of dedicated European educators, administrators, and students to show appreciation to educators worldwide for their efforts to lift up and inspire students everywhere.

The Platform:

  • Inspires students to become lifelong users and create sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Empowers educators using the education marketplace to become more impactful.
  • Allows employers to more effectively and efficiently fill trending employment needs.
  • Enables universities to better serve their students through blockchain technology.

ODEM is already unleashing the power of blockchain in education, through:

  • Issuing blockchain-based academic certificates to students at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.
  • Integrating the European-wide ESCO skills and occupation framework to match job seekers with employment opportunities.
  • Activation of its live, global education marketplace.

In addition to today’s launch, ODEM will showcase the Platform at an invitation-only two-day conference on March 4-5 at the American University in Cairo.

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For additional resources: Super Nova, Feb. 28, 2019 release notes; educator and student incentives; ODEM Help; and FAQs.


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