ODEM and Window Seats

Window seats for blockchain certificate viewing

At On-Demand Education Marketplace we’re using blockchain technology to empower students to take charge of their education.

The blockchain, a decentralized network of digital ledgers and encryption software, allows us to create immutable and shareable records of academic achievement.

We’re not only encouraging and enabling lifelong learning at ODEM, we provide students with the tools to securely store and control access to their verified academic history.

One of those tools is the Window Seat, our term for permissioned access to a student's scholastic records for employers, universities, and educators.

Window Seats are integral to the ODEM Platform, an education-focused portal founded on the Ethereum blockchain. When the platform is completed, ODEM will be the world’s premier provider of high-caliber, verifiable education at an affordable price.

While educational institutions and companies will pay for Window Seats, the student has the final say on access. Payment for entry will be through the ODEM-Token, our publicly traded digital currency, with the student pocketing a percentage of the revenue.

In addition to being of use for viewing historic records, academic advisors will also employ the Window Seat to evaluate a students’ scholastic progress versus anonymized performance data of a student’s peers.

Stay tuned for more about ODEM.

Rich Maaghul