ODEM and the World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF)

ODEM's own Dr. Michael Zargham will be speaking at the WCEF's event in San Francisco

Dr. Zargham will be speaking on Coordination Markets and Crypto-Economics for the Application Layer

Dr. Zargham’s talk will focus on unique aspects of the application layer in blockchain-based platforms. Specifically, he will elaborate on application layers in platforms that act as coordination markets in which a group of service providers and consumers interact to provide a service or event. Dr. Zargham will use ODEM.IO (On-Demand Education Marketplace), a new blockchain-enabled platform being developed to coordinate in-person education events, as a case study.

About Dr. Michael Zargham

Michael Zargham is the founder and CEO of BlockScience, an Oakland, California-based research-and-analytics firm specialized in engineering business decision processes on decentralized networks. Dr. Zargham earned a Ph.D. in systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania where he studied the optimization and control of decentralized networks. His earliest work on peer-to-peer effects on business decision making included the development of algorithms to reverse engineer the word-of-mouth effect in enterprise software licensing decisions. Dr. Zargham has designed data-driven decision systems and assembled a data science team for a media technology firm. He also worked on the mathematical specifications of blockchain-enabled software systems with a focus on observation and control of the information state of networks. Dr. Zargham is the author of Raising Social Capital: Tokenizing a Customer-Driven business in collaboration with partners Sweetbridge and Coinfund. The paper elaborates on how a discount token framework allows users of a software-as-a-service platform to share the use of the platform.

Media Contact: press@odem.io
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