The Drum: How This Blockchain Startup Is Reshaping Global Education


The Drum - How This Blockchain Startup Is Reshaping Global Education

In the current system, the cost of quality education also rises, leaving students, largely international, with additional fees to study abroad and receive private lessons. An additional challenge includes access to quality resources used in making these decisions. The fragmented market often leaves international students making decisions based on either limited or inaccurate information.

Enter ODEM. ODEM is an on-demand education marketplace that connects educators with students, without the need of expensive and confusing intermediaries. Using blockchain technology, ODEM’s platform will organize and facilitate a wide range of education-related activities so that students receive transparent, fair, and vetted experiences, all in-person.

Students can use the platform to simply log-in and browse different courses and services. The dynamic platform will also allow students to request preferences, negotiate existing offers, and pay for services using ODEM’s native cryptocurrency, the ODEM Token (ODEMT).