6 Ways to Create Effective and Engaging eLearning Courses

Are you thinking about creating your own fantastic eLearning courses? Here are 6 of the most important elements in eLearning to consider:

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The Sectors Blockchain Will Disrupt in the Future

Blockchain has been all the rage in recent years, and it's mostly because of its association with Bitcoin. But what most people don't know is that outside of finance, the technology is also starting to challenge practices in other industries as well. Many sectors are realizing how much blockchain can change their…

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Paradigm Shift: The Intersection of Education and Employment

The Challenge:

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How to upskill and get a high-paying job as a data scientist

The importance of data has grown exponentially over the last decade, giving rise to the emergence of a new profession: the data scientist. This role has been ranked consistently as one of the highest paid, most satisfying, in-demand jobs for the last 5 years. Coming in at number 3 on Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in…

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What Challenges Lurk Below the Pandemic’s Hold on Education

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Brian White

Veteran designer Brian White…

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Challenges and opportunities for Entrepreneurs amid crises of Coronavirus. Superior Entrepreneurial E-Forum.



Recently our COO and CEO, Johanna…

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Peter Welch_v2

Peter Welch has focused on topics…

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Top 20 Education Quotes that We Love

There’s something about quotes! We find them motivating and inspiring. 

Sometimes, the right quote at the right time might be just what you need to carry on in uncertain times.

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Case study: Blockchain Increases Academic Record Security [Infographic]

How to store students' certificates on the blockchain to improve security and accessibility.

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