Working and Learning in the Age of Digital Disruption

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How to Write a Successful Course Description

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Bitfinex Announces Strategic Collaboration with ODEM to Expand Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Education

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Supporting Student Success with Decentralized Education

Four ways that decentralized education puts the needs of students first 

Our focus on decentralized education is based on a desire to see students better served. By employing decentralizing technology, we streamline the educational offering, bringing students and educators together to specifically tailor education…

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It’s 2019, And You Should Be in Control of Your Education

ODEM empowers students and educators with blockchain technology

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October Company Update


Welcome to the ODEM company update! October was an ambitious and successful month for ODEM. 

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Become a Cryptocurrency Investigator

ODEM Partners with Blockchain Intelligence Group to Provide Cryptocurrency Investigator Course

Cryptocurrency has created an exciting and transformative new way to transact across the globe. It has ushered in a new era of payments, allowing people to conduct transactions directly, without involving a traditional…

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Upskill Your Way to the Top In These Careers

Chart Learning Solutions presents critical courses for soft skills in business and leadership

In business, soft skills are often what will secure your way to your next promotion or career opportunity. ODEM has partnered with Chart Learning Solutions, a global learning company that provides dedicated courses for…

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Upskilling for a Greater Future

How you can easily and efficiently upgrade your education for new career opportunities 

When the education you have isn’t enough to get you the job or promotion you want, it’s time to upskill. Upskilling is the process of expanding your capabilities and adding new skills to your repertoire. While advancing your…

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The Future of Work: Digital Nomads

Focused on deliverables and not office optics, remote work continues to grow

Any place that you can set up your laptop (and charger) is your temporary office. Coffee shops, a restaurant bar, the passenger seat of a car, or even a park bench. This globalization of communication has granted us the ability to work…

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