Summer Break: A Time For Reflection & Customized Learning


At long last, summer is here. It’s been a busy year of studying and hustling to meet deadlines and a break is much deserved. For students, the summer months are a unique window of time between semesters that’s not easily replicated once career and financial responsibilities kick in. We encourage you to use the time wisely.

The months before you are wide open, giving you space to consider what comes next and to formulate a plan. Unlike a dedicated vacation, summer presents students with a sabbatical-like scenario. You have several months off from school, depending on your course schedule, and it’s up to you how that time is best filled. This allows time for reflection and an opportunity to check in with yourself; how was the previous school year? Am I headed in the right direction? Is there something more I could be doing to ensure I chart the right career course?

This kind of personal reflection is important for all people, at all stages through education and careers, but especially meaningful for students. Pausing to assess your next steps is part of being strategic -- it ensures that each step is purposeful and intentional in moving you closer to your objectives. 

One of the ways that students choose to leverage their time off during the summer months is with customized learning to ensure they’re developing the right knowledge and skills. Online courses provide a learn-at-your-own-pace opportunity, so they’re easy to fit into your summer plans. In comparison to a predetermined course load, online courses give you choice over which specialized course is right for your path.

This is something we’re very passionate about at ODEM. We believe in personalized learning so that you have better control over your education. Sometimes traditional education doesn’t provide the training for the specialization needed to land a job after graduation. We’re changing that by offering courses that focus on in-demand fields to help students fulfill their potential and fill the needs of the job market. 

Many of our team members came to work at ODEM through an unconventional path, finding that their degrees didn’t suit the type of work they wanted to pursue. Alyssa, a member of our marketing team, elevated her career possibilities after university with online, learn-as-you-go digital marketing courses. Without that expertise, she likely wouldn’t have been offered the opportunities she has had, and may not have ended up with ODEM. Online learning is a small commitment with big impact.

ODEM summer courses are coming out later this summer. If you’re looking for summer courses in software development, robotics, and artificial intelligence, 21st century leadership principles, growth strategies in the US for internationals, blockchain and DLT theory, big data and predictive analytics, and more, sign up for our newsletter to find out first about upcoming courses.

This summer, maximize your opportunity by making an investment into your future. You can learn more about our on-demand education marketplace on Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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