ODEM EDUCATOR HIGHLIGHT: Abhishek Bhattacharya

Abhishek Bhattacharya

Abhishek has always been at a juncture of Tech and Product Management.

Abhishek co-founded a media company,…

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ODEM EDUCATOR HIGHLIGHT: Peter Hörwing,Chart Learning Solutions

Peter - ChartLearning-1


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Kris Yagel


Kris Yagel is a servant leader with a proven record of winning. Believing that everyone has value and purpose, he…

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How to Write a Successful Course Description

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Frequently Asked Questions about ESCO

ODEM works with the ESCO framework to deliver skills for employment in Europe

ESCO is a classification system created and used in Europe that allows European countries to better manage employment. The system, which categorizes skills and qualifications with occupations, functions to ensure that people are treated…

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ODEM and Perpetual Curriculum Royalties


Ensuring that educators receive their fair share of revenue from their teaching and curriculum development is an important goal of On-Demand Education Marketplace.

Blockchain technology, the encryption software that underlays digital currencies such as Bitcoin, is increasingly being considered to ensure that…

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