The Vision for ODEM

Octo 03 - Odem VIsion

We launched ODEM with the vision to transform the education system with a new approach to continued learning. Today, that vision is in progress as we implement new ways for students to learn, work and grow on a global scale. 

Here, I discuss the issues facing students and employers today, the broader ODEM vision and why it’s important to disrupt the traditional education system with innovative technology. 

The problem: A faulty system

Today’s education system fails to put its most important figures first: students. Education is very costly, and students are often left to guess at which skills and courses they actually need in order to grow professionally. Employers have immediate needs for specific skills that they’re not able to fill. Meanwhile, the educators that could help fill these labor gaps aren’t being incentivized to support higher learning designed for immediate employment. And unfortunately, the parties that benefit most are the intermediaries who profit from this broken education system. 

A new era of education

The way that we learn, work, recruit and train has evolved dramatically in recent years. But, the underlying infrastructure supporting this ecosystem hasn’t. We’re changing that. We believe that education and employment should be universally affordable, accessible, verifiable and transferable. The ODEM Marketplace is specifically developed to create direct connections between employers, students and educators in order to put skills and growth at the center stage of today’s global workplace. 


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As the international labor market has changed, so have the skills that employers require, primarily because of technology. It’s estimated that by 2022, at least 50% of the entire global workforce will require some upskilling to remain competitive. ODEM offers students and career professionals insight into what employers want, connections with educators to refine their skills, as well as access to recruiting opportunities that meet their new professional profile. ODEM also helps to translate professional qualifications across countries and industries with skill-mapping and by securing academic records and evidence of achievements on the public Ethereum blockchain. 

The customization of continued learning and hiring

For educators with significant industry experience and seasoned teaching professionals, ODEM makes it possible to directly establish and refine educational programs with students and employers. For educators passionate about having an impact, this ensures that they’re creating and implementing valuable curricula that focuses on in-demand skills and knowledge. ODEM also empowers educators to determine their own compensation requirements, in line with market demand. To do this, ODEM provides educators with intelligence about current market rates for continued education programs taught with a similar level of expertise.


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Our on-demand marketplace supports company growth in line with the speed of innovation. Employers can source their next great hire through the marketplace, accessing thousands of first-rate candidates from around the world, training in the required skills. Adding legitimacy to this process, ODEM makes verifying candidate credentials simple. As part of the authentication process, ODEM automatically presents employers with verification of candidates’ history of educators and employers. In the event that companies don’t find a worthy candidate, they can advertise the qualifications they’re seeking, also working in conjunction with ODEM educators to offer courses that will train future candidates in the skill set they require.

The power of upskilling with ODEM

The cost of replacing a trained employee is about three times more than upskilling them; ongoing training costs less than the process of recruiting, onboarding and training. ODEM helps companies nurture their existing workforce by providing customized training and upskilling courses that are tailored to their company goals and departmental needs.

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In order for educational organizations to stay on top of their game and protect their position, ODEM provides a seamless way to develop applicant pools, facilitate student success and create exceptional educational experiences. Increasing the annual pool of applicants and providing accurate, compelling success metrics upon graduation is at the heart of safeguarding the future of any educational organization. 

ODEM gives academic administrators the tools they need to increase brand exposure and measure the impact of education on the future of each student. ODEM also gives educational organizations the tools to understand which programs students want and the skills that employers seek, so they can deliver courses that are in-demand and truly engaging. For students, ODEM stores education credentials in a secure, digital environment, making them immediately transferable, verifiable and immutable. This process acknowledges and preserves the legitimacy of the academic process, and allows students to instantly access their transcripts on the blockchain without involving their registrar’s office.


Join ODEM on our mission to transform education with accessible and impactful higher learning through customized online courses. You can connect with us directly on Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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