Those Who Benefit Most from a Blockchain-Based Certificate

For digital nomads, blockchain-based records remove borders and barriers

Who benefits most from a blockchain certificate

Blockchain technology is empowering. It supports anyone who uses it by giving them the autonomy and security that they deserve. Decentralized networks are for everyone, but they especially serve those who operate outside of a single traditional system. These are the people who travel cross-border regularly and experience the barriers of not having a financial or educational system to rely on. While blockchain-based digital currencies pose incredible, global transaction opportunities, education is the foundation of opportunity and where blockchain innovation is flourishing today.

At ODEM, the technology is being used to secure education records, providing students with verifiable ownership, and validated and easily transferable credentials. By allowing students to claim their degree or diploma on the public Ethereum blockchain, ODEM gives them greater control over their educational experience and control over what that education will mean for them in the future. By saving such precious data on an immutable digital ledger, the data is forever; it can’t be manipulated or tampered with. I can think of no better use for blockchain tech than that of a hard-earned and valuable certificate of achievement that will serve as a passport for future success and opportunity. 

For people who seek a transient lifestyle, or who uproot their lives to find work in a developing industry or country where trust is at a premium, a trustless network provides clear value. The trustless nature of blockchain technology means that the user doesn’t need to hold trust in an authority or centralized organization. Instead, they trust the battle-tested math that underlies the cryptography and distributed architecture of the network.

Outside of traditional systems, blockchain technology provides an intangible net of safety. You know that no matter where you are in the world, you can access and share your data. Records secured to a public chain are internationally and instantly verifiable. Typical traditional institutions are challenged to provide that level of service to someone physically standing in front of a system administrator. It’s a new way of managing one’s data, and it’s a game changer.

Consider the newly graduated digital nomad who is traveling the world to better understand their place in it. They’re offered temporary employment in a country with systems far different than their native country, and this provides a serious roadblock. How long will it take to get in touch with their university registrar? If records are emailed, how can the nomad prove the legitimacy of those records? They can’t, they have to hope that they’re received by their prospective employer in good faith. But digital records with immutable provenance and a clear transaction history (via the chain-of-custody) tell a story of origin, experience, and achievement. This may seem like an edge case to some, but younger generations are working and traveling regularly, taking their aspirations and families to new places. 

Remote work has similar requirements, matching employees with companies anywhere in the world. In this instance, the employment isn’t local to the traveler; they could be exploring the Gold Coast of Australia while interviewing to handle customer service for a company based in Bucharest, Romania. This is a perfect use case for a blockchain-based credential because it’s easily transferable and quickly verified -- it’s the future of education records.

Learn more about blockchain-based education records in this recent blog post, and learn more about ODEM. Connect with us on social media: Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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