How ODEM and Excelorators together are meeting the challenges of education inefficiencies


Excelorators and ODEM joining forces to create new models of education


As the CEO of both Excelorators (founded in 2013), Inc. USA and the newly formed ODEM, AG. Switzerland, we have been providing high quality education experiences for international visitors from seven countries, hosted at nine elite universities, and taught by the best educators in the United States. We have enjoyed great success and have doubled our revenue in each of our years in business, while simultaneously building an impeccable brand in all of the markets we serve.

With our success also comes a laser focus on the failures of the current education system and thus, new opportunities for growth. As education demands are increasing, both in developing and mature countries for both localized and internalized education — the education industry is experiencing an increase in competition and is challenged by an overly complex channel partner system. These are the limiting factors of the education industry and the bottleneck to delivering high quality education for everyone, not just the social elite.

Given the growing obstacles to education, our company has decided to embrace these problems in the education industry and develop an entirely new ecosystem to revolutionize the education industry by building a decentralized on demand education marketplace (ODEM). This new marketplace will encompass businesses, consumers, and education resources to work directly with one another in a completely transparent way. All students will be given full visibility regarding available education services, participating educators, and the fees associated with each service. Through our extensive research and expert experiences at Excelorators, we know ODEM will create an equal playing field that will drive down the cost of accessible education and deliver high quality accredited skills for everyone.

Over the past year, great efforts have been made to leverage our industry expertise including our entire operations team and technology platform to change the way we think about education. We have included blockchain and legal partners to understand the advantages and concerns of truly disruptive EduTech in order to best implement the ODEM development efforts. We have been quietly designing and building the backend foundation of ODEM and the future of education across borders. We are very excited to be utilizing the blockchain and smart contracts capabilities to insure a trustworthy, transparent, decentralized education environment where everyone in the community will have complete control of their learning experience.

We are confident about ODEM’s future and we understand both the advantages and challenges of the blockchain industry. Excelorators and ODEM continues to go above and beyond to share our vision prior to our crowdsale. We work with a experienced team of advisors and current employees to structure and build safeguards to ensure all aspects of the ODEM crowd sale and its development are legally compliant to protect all parties involved.

Ultimately, the Excelorators and ODEM want all our supporters to know we are a strong, dynamic and seasoned company committed to making ODEM and it’s vision a huge success. We are truly unlocking EduTech for everyone to create a future of equal and affordable access to education.

Excelorators and ODEM.IO, an On Demand Education Marketplace, are making high-quality education affordable for everyone. Join the movement ….Coming Soon!

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