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Octo 31 - October 31 blog post - Chart Learning

Chart Learning Solutions presents critical courses for soft skills in business and leadership

In business, soft skills are often what will secure your way to your next promotion or career opportunity. ODEM has partnered with Chart Learning Solutions, a global learning company that provides dedicated courses for improving skills needed for effective leadership, sales and customer service. You can find their courses in our program catalogue.

Soft skills are what great leaders possess. Leaders wield influence through thoughtful communication and by understanding how to give the person across the table what they want. These are almost like intuitive talents because they revolve around a genuine desire to produce an outcome that serves all parties involved.

In an article about the difference between hard and soft skills, The Balance Careers explains, “Soft skills are the personal attributes, personality traits, inherent social cues, and communication abilities needed for success on the job. Soft skills characterize how a person interacts in [their] relationships with others.”

Some say these skills can be hard to teach, but that’s exactly what Chart Learning Solutions does with their wide ranging selection of online courses. 

Chart Learning Solutions has developed full programs for leadership, sales and customer service. Here, I’ve listed out various jobs that these skills apply to, as well as a few of the course types to give you an idea of the depth of these course programs:


These skills apply to anyone seeking to manage other people and product positive results. These career opportunities include business owner, manager of marketing, sales or product, professor or teacher and politician.

Team Building 

Responsible Initiative 

Authentic Listening


Sales skills transfer across all industries, providing you with the ability to determine needs and how to fill them. These skills apply to any sales position, including brokers, real estate agents, corporate sales and retail sales positions.

Time & Territory Management 



Customer Service 

A life skill, customer service focuses on how to produce favorable solutions by treating people well and with respect. Customer service applies to all jobs everywhere. But for the purposes of being specific, you can apply these courses to jobs including customer service representatives, customer experience managers, business owners, investment managers, stock brokers and all management positions. 

Service Attitude 

These continued learning courses are globally available, affordable and applicable. But most importantly, they’ve been proven to be very effective in helping people reach new heights in their careers. 


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