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ODEM with Excelorators.com making education affordable and accessible to all

We are ODEM.io and our dream is to make education from the world’s top educators accessible to everyone. We are excited to start a serious conversation with everyone who wants to make this dream a reality on telegram at https://t.me/odem_io.

Rising tuition costs, student debt and layers of intermediaries (including universities), shut out many prospective students, making quality education is overwhelmingly allocated to global elites. For most students, higher education is neither accessible nor affordable nor relevant in today’s rapidly changing digital world.

More than just an education marketplace, the ODEM platform utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology to enable qualified and trusted members of the educators to create customized curriculum and experiences and offer them directly to the market. ODEM will facilitate live, in-classroom experiences, supported by online capabilities empowering international and local students to take ownership of their education.

Using Ethereum-based smart contracts, ODEM allows for the creation of direct agreements between students and professors, lessening the need for intermediaries. The platform’s exchangeable utility tokens act as a common currency to simplify cross-border payments and to incentivize professors to keep their courses up to date and relevant.

Help ODEM change an already proven inefficient, ineffective, and prohibitively costly higher education model by joining the movement. There are too many barriers to access education, reaching from developing countries to the maturest economies in the world. Too many students continue to leave university with crippling amounts of debt and limited skills to pay back those debts and to compete in today’s global economy.

ODEM is leading the fight to make education borderless and accessible to all. Our peer-to-peer community of students and educators promises to deliver high-quality, accredited and affordable education for all!

Thank you for joining us!

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